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Today, I'm officially announcing my services as a publicist to artists.
Having worked with Thollem, Frank Gratkowski, Germaul Barnes and Martha Colburn, among others, in the past 6 years, I am excited to work with other musicians and artists in a variety of fields worldwide.
Check out my website and contact me if you are interested.

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Comments via a social media outlet -

from Thollem McDonas, musician:
"My main partner in crime, Angela, who has been touring with me for 6 years straight now is leaping off into her own career offering her services primarily as a publicist for artists. In the past she has worked some with Frank Gratkowski, Germaul Barnes, Willie Oteri and Martha Colburn in a wide variety of managerial type functions. She is an incredibly unique person who is passionate about challenging art and is also very well organized (we all know how rare this combination is). Many of you know her personally, of course, and many have worked with her in some regard or another in relation to my work. She's a great asset to those who can use these kinds of services to promote albums and tours and more. Contact her soon, I'm sure her schedule will be filling up quickly with many diverse clients!"

My reply:
Thollem, thank you. I feel so fortunate to have been a teacher for 17 years, and now, over the past 6 to today, to experience art created by the artists that I meet - to be able to speak with them, learn where they are coming from and to see how those experiences translate into various senses: visual, aural, textural, gustatorial ... (Philip Gelb, that last sense - in the adjective form - is because of your art!)

From Julie Daley,
Unabashedly Female,Owner, Coach and Teacher
"Angela, a beautiful woman, is launching her work in a new way, even though she's been doing this work for years with artists from around the world, including my brother,Thollem McDonas. Take a look. Angela is full of love, talent, and incredible integrity."

From Jesse Goin, curator of crow with no mouth series in St. Paul, Minnesota, US:
crow with no mouth was fortunate to work with, and enjoy music & food with, Angela C Villa - focused, eye on the detail, and totally flexible, mindful of how she relates to others. as a curator, i wish you the best, angela, the landscape can only improve with your skills.


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